Try FreedomPop For Free Internet And Cell Phone Service

  • 20 November 2014
  • entrenatech

Are you currently searching for a way to cut your internet or cell phone service costs each month? Many cell phone service providers are trying to accommodate the needs of their customers by providing lower costs for certain service packages, but the costs can still be staggering each month. Instead of paying a lower cost for your monthly service, how about paying nothing for your service? With FreedomPop, you can get free internet service as well as free cell phone service each month.

The World's Youngest Computer Specialist

  • 16 November 2014
  • entrenatech

Ayan Qureshi became the world's youngest computer specialist when he passed Microsoft's exam at five years old. He is therefore now a Microsoft Certified Professional, despite being the age of a first grader. Ayan, who is now six and the son of an IT consultant, has his own computer lab at home, including a computer network he set up himself.

Android Lollipop Comes Complete With Killswitch To Prevent Phone Theft

  • 17 October 2014
  • entrenatech

New phones are expensive. So of course, phone theft is big business when you have the latest model of smart phones. That's why makers like Apple and Google have been looking for ways to remove the possibility of phone, and as a result identity theft, by adding a killswitch feature.

A law passed in California, back in July of this year, also required that all new phones come with a killswitch installed, so that the phone can be made useless should it be stolen.